About Pantasy

Pantasy Brick was established in August 2020. Our vision is to create a new generation of extraordinary collectible block products for adult brick fans by partnering with exclusive pop culture IPs, incorporating innovative brick structures and designs and integrating new digital online services.

Our founding team consists of brick fanatics, former brick designers, and organizers of China’s largest brick hobbyist community. 2 years ago, we decided to unite our strength and turn our shared passion into a career.  

We founded Pantasy because we believe adult brick collectors deserve better products and services. Large leading brick brands are limited by their mass production model, therefore unable to bring many niche products into the market. On the contrary, works created by the MOC community lack clear assembly instructions and quality guarantees. Our goal is to provide more IP selections for adult collectors while maintaining strict quality control and pleasant building experiences.

We want to bring as many amazing stories and figures through brick to our fans as possible, and we want every single product to be worthy of being displaced with pride. That is why we vow to never sell unofficial licensed products since day one. Instead, we work with top IP partners such as Sherlock Holmes from Conan Doyle Estate and Astro Boy from Tezuka to bring these incredible products to fans worldwide.  

As all our team members are long-time brick enthusiasts, we understand how nerve-wracking poor instruction manual guides can be. We examine each product through multiple test assemblies to ensure our manual shows explicit parts references, accurate color printing, and smooth assembly processes.

Also, we understand missing bricks can cause a long waiting time and potentially ruin the whole building experience. Therefore, we have also made signific investments to improve our production procedures. Our agile production empowers us to not only produce more products, but also avoid the risk of missing bricks, and provide free international shipping for missing parts.  

Since 2020 we have released more than 80 products, served more than 1 million customers, and reached 30 countries. Thanks to your active support, our online community and offline stores are quickly growing. On the one hand, we will continue to work with fans' favorite IPs such as Astro Boy, Popeye, and Sherlock Holmes. On the other hand, we will launch more original series such as Retro TV, The Dragon Gate, and Mahjong.

We understand our customers because we are in the same boat. We aspire to create a brick brand that solves all of your problems. We constantly work on every detail of our products, perfecting the assembly process, monitoring product quality, and talking to our customers. We are deeply passionate about our mission here, and we hope our products and shopping experience reflect our dedication.